Camel Snow Founders Rory and Charlie have spent years working as instructors in the mountains teaching children how to ski. Here are a few tips on how to keep the stress to a minimum when it comes to packing.

  1. Baselayers

    What we wear: Mons Royale

    Depending on what time of year it is, can be more sensible to swap big jackets for multiple layers. There are a number of great baselayers you can buy for your kids.

  2. Socks

    What we wear: Ortovox

    A common problem we see is kids wearing two pairs of socks which create creases and can lead to discomfort and blisters, buy good proper fitting socks and make sure that only the sock is in the ski boot.

  3. Gloves or Mittens

    What we wear: Hestra

    Cold hands can spell the end to what could be a great day on the mountain. Mittens and hand warmers are the way forward.  It’s good idea to have two pairs in case one set is wet from the previous day.

  4. Neck warmer

    What we wear: Ours!

    Opt for thinner fabric neck warmers like a Buff, instead of fleece materials. They’re more breathable and dry out far quicker. Remember book with us and we will give you one.

  5. Snow shoes

    What we wear: Sorel

    A good pair of warm and waterproof snow shoes are essential for getting to and from the ski slopes and also for when they are out playing in the snow.

  6. Sun cream

    What we wear: Piz Buin

    High factor sun cream is a must in the mountains. It means they can be outside enjoying themselves for far longer without running the risk of sunburn.

  7. Jackets & salopettes

    What we wear: Pelle P

    Gone are the days of the one piece, having a two-part ski suit is far more practical, easier for loo stops and they can take the jacket off in warmer weather. Jackets can also be used all year round if needs be.

  8. Goggles

    What we wear: Sungod

    These are a far better option than sunglasses as they fit neatly around a kid’s helmet and offer much better protection from all the elements.

  9. Helmets

    What we wear: Sweet Protection

    These days rental shops constantly renew their equipment, which should include a good range of helmets so no need to pack.