Organising for large groups, especially several families, can be stressful. It can be hard to keep track of who has booked ski hire, restaurant table reservations and timings, taxis and then relaying that information to the rest of the group.

We like to keep things all in one place. That’s why every client who books a ski chalet, hotel or lodge with us can benefit from access to their bespoke client portal. The portal can be updated by all members of your group remotely, so that the gathering of information isn’t solely left to one person in the group.

How does the client portal work?

Our client portal was created to make things as easy as possible for our guests before, during and after their ski holiday. It keeps a track of accommodation booked, travel arrangements and childcare (as well as all the stressful bits like passport and insurance details).

The client portal is an extension of our complimentary Concierge Service, which essentially means we do all the organising for you. Once you’ve decided on the resort and the chalet, we can help you plan every stage of your trip, using our insight and local knowledge.

While the password-protected portal is unique to you, it can be shared with anyone else travelling in your group, so everyone can stay up to date on transfers, activities and restaurants you’re booked into.


We can craft bespoke itineraries to suit you entirely, meeting your time frame, budget requirements and preferences.


Here are just a few things we think are pretty great about the client portal:

Tailor-made travel itinerary

With just a few details from you, we can compile an itinerary from the flight there to the flight back. Our client portal securely keeps track of your flight numbers, passport details and we can book private cars on your behalf and even keep a note of your driver’s name in our client portal.

Ski Passes, Hire & Lessons

Ski passes and rental equipment: not the most exciting things to organise, are they? That’s why we do it for you. In most cases we can arrange for your ski passes to be ready and waiting in the chalet for you when you arrive. Keep track of who in your group is booked in for ski lessons, when they start, when they finish and where you should meet.


Travelling with kids, but can’t remember what time the nanny’s booked for, or her name!? All these details are stored for you with notes about childcare arrangements.

Dietary requirements

Whether you’re travelling with a vegan, coeliac, a diabetic or even just a fussy eater, you can update notes attached to your chalet about any kind of dietary requirement your guests may have. This means chalet staff can adjust the menu in time for your stay.

Live currency exchange rate

Need to check the exchange rate before your trip? Why not do it while you’re checking your restaurant bookings? With our client portal, it’s all in one place, and that includes our live currency exchange rate checker.

Live weather updates

Ski holidays are rather dependent on weather. With our live weather forecast inbuilt to the client portal, you can check local weather forecasts in your chosen resort. Helpful if you need to book some non-skiing related activities in case of bad weather.

Restaurants and activities

Each resort comes with its own activities guide that can be accessed from your portal. If you want to book into heli-skiing or a piste basher ride, you can book them through here and see a list of scheduled activities for the group.