Heli-Skiing Iceland

Thinking about ticking something off your bucket list in 2018, look no further! Join us in Iceland next March for some breath taking scenery, exceptional heli-skiing, day trip fishing and finish the days under the northern lights…get in touch for your chance to experience something truly special.

4 Day packages start from €7,690 – Semi-Private

+ Camel Snow concierge service
+ Specified number of days heli-skiing
+ 4 skiers with one or two guides (private or semi-private options)
+ Accommodation at Viking Heli-skiing Lodge
+ All meals – breakfast, lunch, dinners and Après ski snacks
+ Guide services
+ Safety training and use of safety gear (BCA)
+ K2 freeride skis with Marker bindings and K2 ski poles
+ One day of sea hunting/fishing (Adventures)
+ All ground transportation in the skiing area and pickup/drop-off at Akureyri airport

The day of arrival

Guests will be picked up at Akureyri airport and driven to the Viking Heliskiing Lodge. When your check-in at the Lodge is completed you will  have a short meeting with other skiers and the Viking Heliskiing guides, following this dinner is served in the main Lodge.

The days to come

Ready for the thrill of your life? You better be – you are staying with the Vikings and you are about to experience an adventure of a lifetime. On the schedule is heliskiing – adventure – exploring – and unique scenery, spectecular view’s and some unforgettable moments.

After breakfast there will be a short briefing regarding avalanche safety and beacon training, helicopter safety, and ski-/snowboard equipment adjustment, just so everyone will be ready.

Then the fun part starts; heliskiing/helisnowboarding and exploring new lines and enjoying the breathtaking view’s while skiing down to the Arctic Ocean. Terrain selection is determined by the guides and is based on avalanche assessment, weather and the skiing ability of the group. Your safety is our number one priority.

After a few runs we will find a great spot for our lunch which will be served outside on the mountain picnic style. Then our ride continues through the day. Viking Heliskiing has reached an agreement with some of the local farmers,  allowing us to drop in at the farms to taste some Icelandic shark, smoked arctic char or even smoked lamb.

After detaching the skis each day you can enjoy some of the adventure packages we have to offer, e.g. whale watching, sea angling or horseback riding on the great icelandic horse. It is also possible to bathe in Iceland´s nicest swimmingpool in an unforgettable environment. The other option is just to sit down at the Viking Bar to relax and unwind with a glass of wine or a pint of the Icelandic Viking beer.

Later in the evening the group will have dinner together in the Viking Heliskiing Lodge and discuss the great runs and adventures of the day.

In case of bad weather and down days you have a great opportunity to explore Iceland in a different way – see downdays below.

Departure day

This is the last day of the tour. After breakfast you will head out to the mountains to enjoy our last day. On the schedule today is exploring more new lines and the breathtaking view’s. The last run of the day will be a home run, skiing all the way down to the Lodge where you can for the last time jump in the hot tub before enjoying the final drink and saying goodbye to your guides and new friends.

You will be driven back to Akureyri where you can either go straight to the airport or spend some time in Akureyri. Upon request you can also use our helicopter to fly you back to Akureyri.

Yes it is hard to leave, but all fairy tales have to end… Keep in mind that you are always welcome back to join the Vikings and be a part of the explorers writing this amazing chapter in your life.

Down day adventures

Sea Hunting and sea Angling – After a great day of heliskiing in the beautiful Arctic mountain in the Troll peninsula we take our boat from Siglufjörður or Ólafsfjörður harbors and go duck and black bird hunting by the coastline of the Troll peninsula. We take fishing rods along as well for sea angling and fish for cod, haddock, coal fish, whiting, red fish, catfish, dab, rough dab, plaice and halibut if lucky. This is an experience you do not want to miss out on. In the evening our chef will prepare a gourmet dinner out of the catch.

Whale watching – The beautiful Eyjafjörður has one of the best whale watching scenes in the world! Our partner Arctic Sea Tours operates a licensed oak passenger boat, built and equipped to meet the strict standards of the Icelandic Maritime Administration. Exploring the the sea life in the North Atlantic is a unique and an unforgettable experience.

Mývatn Nature baths – In Mývatn in North Iceland you will find the great Nature baths. The lagoon itself is a man-made construction, the bottom is covered by sand and gravel. The characteristics of the water are unique in many ways. It contains a large amount of minerals, is alkaline and well suited for bathing. The water temperature is about 130°C when it flows into the huge basin beside the lagoon itself and forms an impressive, man-made hot spring. Altogether, the lagoon and the basin contain around 3.5 million litres of water with a temperature of 36 – 40°C.

The inhabitants of the Mývatn region have been enjoying healthy bathing in the hot geothermal springs ever since Iceland was settled by the vikings. There is heat in the earth, hot springs sizzle in the fissures all around and nowhere else in Iceland does such pure steam rise from the earth, free from sulphur vapours or any other pollution. After a busy day in the mountains, there is nothing better than flying over to Skagafjörður and relax in the natural pool of Grettislaug.

It is named after Grettir “the strong” Ásmundarson after he bathed there in 1031 after swimming from the island Drangey to get firewood. The water in Grettislaug is approximately 40°C. There is something adventurous about taking a dip in one of the historic pools in Iceland.

After the bath we fly back to Siglufjörður where our master chef will prepare a delicious dinner.

Horse riding tours – Experience Iceland’s unique wilderness on horseback. If there is any energy left in our skiers after a hard day in the mountains, we will go to an old Icelandic horse farm in Eyjafjörður.

The Icelandic horse is a five-gaited breed, famous for its smooth tölt or flying pace. It is known for its sure-footedness, strength and ability to cross rough terrain, as well as its kind nature. The Icelandic horse has served the Icelandic people well throughout the ages ever since the vikings first set foot on Icelandic soil.

In recent years, breeding, taming and trading the Icelandic horse is no longer only the main hobby of many Icelanders but has grown into a profitable industry as the horse’s qualities and distinctive characteristics has gained popularity amongst horse enthusiasts in northern and central Europe.

Cat skiing – CAT skiing is one of the options that we can do here in Ólafsfjörður. If our chopper can’t fly because of bad weather then it’s easy to access our mountains with a cat.